How to deal with a rude Uber driver in Queensland

How to deal with a rude Uber driver in Queensland

Posted November 07, 2018 07:15:55A driver who has refused to give up his UberX service and threatened to leave the state for months will have his driver licence suspended after he was caught on camera being rude to passengers.

Key points:The driver was filmed refusing to pay the fare when asked to pay for his ride, the Queensland Court heardMr Jones, from Brisbane, was on his way to a home in Waddenup to pick up a relative and was filmed berating the driver, who he claimed had asked him for money and was about to leave for the day.

The court heard the driver was in no position to refuse to pay.

The driver also asked the passenger for a receipt to prove he had paid and then refused to pay, court documents show.

He then called the woman a “fucking b****” and threatened her with violence and said, “I’m going to kill you”, the court heard.

Mr Jones said the woman did not give him her phone number.

He was also recorded verbally assaulting the passenger and telling her to “go back to Africa”, the documents show, and threatening to “cut her throat”.

The passenger said she then left the car and left the taxi in her own driveway, and the driver followed her to a bushfire road in Wadswarra, near Wadden up the coast, the court was told.

When the woman eventually returned home, she found the driver had stopped his vehicle and was sitting in the driver’s seat.

The judge said the driver needed to show remorse and “take responsibility” for his actions.

“He’s got to make amends for this incident and do some time in jail,” the judge said.

“You need to show you’ve taken responsibility for this and that you’ve behaved properly.”

Mr Jones has a suspended driver licence with an outstanding fine of $1,500.

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