How to get an accurate picture of the country’s economic future in 2020

How to get an accurate picture of the country’s economic future in 2020

The world’s second-largest economy is a little more than two years away from an election, and that’s going to make forecasting its impact on the country even more challenging.

For Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is expected to win a majority government on Oct. 19, that means a new era of “transparency and accountability” is on the horizon.

“There is no longer a place for the Harper government in Canada’s economy,” Trudeau said last month at a news conference in Montreal.

“The people of Canada will decide for themselves what happens.”

In a speech last week, Trudeau promised to implement a “new approach” to transparency and accountability, but didn’t offer specifics.

That has left many Canadians wondering whether Trudeau will be able to deliver the promises he’s made during his first year in office, or whether he’s being forced to do so.

The Conservatives have long argued that Trudeau is “unfit” to govern, pointing to the PM’s support for the Keystone XL pipeline and his refusal to commit to a carbon tax.

Trudeau’s government also has repeatedly pledged to cut taxes for small businesses and increase the minimum wage, but there’s a lot of uncertainty around the details.

Canada’s political parties, as well as many Canadians, have long been skeptical of the Trudeau government’s transparency.

In fact, the federal NDP, which was hoping to form government on Monday, did not have a candidate in the race for the Liberal nomination.

In a recent poll by Forum Research, only 29 per cent of Canadians thought Trudeau would be “ideally” a good Prime Minister.

But that hasn’t stopped many Canadians from looking to him for advice on how to improve their lives.

In an interview with CBC News, former finance minister Jim Flaherty suggested that Trudeau could be the answer.

“He’s a very, very intelligent man,” Flaherty said.

“And he knows what’s happening in Canada.

He knows what needs to happen, he knows how to solve it, he understands what’s happened in Canada, and he knows where it is going.

He’s very good at communicating what needs done and how to do it.”

In addition to Trudeau’s economic policies, he has also made an impact on Canada’s foreign policy, taking a hard line on Russia, Cuba and North Korea.

Trudeau has said that Canada will “totally” withdraw from NATO if it becomes embroiled in another conflict with Russia, which is a clear break with past Canadian policy.

But he has said it won’t be a withdrawal that “sends a signal” to Russia, the world’s most powerful nuclear state.

A number of international observers, including former U.S. ambassador to Canada David Oslick, have also criticized Trudeau’s handling of the Syrian conflict.

But Trudeau has also promised that Canada would be willing to step in to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad if he needs help.

He has also called on the international community to help bring peace to the Middle East, saying that Canada’s military is “the only force that’s there to protect our security.”

In recent weeks, Trudeau has taken a hardline stance on the refugee crisis.

He was elected in 2014 promising to take a tougher line on refugees and have the government take a “hard look” at whether or not Canada is meeting its commitments to accept refugees.

But last month, the country was accused of not adequately taking in Syrian refugees and of allowing some to remain in Canada illegally, despite Trudeau’s promises to stop taking people.

A month later, the Liberals also announced that they would take in Syrian families with children in need, but Trudeau did not mention the families in his announcement.

That’s because Trudeau has not made any promises on how he will handle the refugee issue.

While the refugee plan is expected in the government’s final budget on Tuesday, the government has been mum on what that would look like.

“I’m not going to get into a position on a budget,” Trudeau told reporters after the government delivered its fiscal update.

“That’s something we’ll have to look at after the budget, but I’m not making any decisions at this time.”

Trudeau has repeatedly said he will make a decision on whether to keep refugees in Canada by the end of February.

The Liberal leader has also said that if the country does not meet its refugee commitments by the summer, he will have to decide whether to increase taxes or cut them.

A new Liberal government, which will take power after the 2019 election, will need to choose a number of measures to ensure that Canada meets its refugee commitment.

One of the first questions that will need answering is what kind of tax breaks the Liberals will offer.

The country already has a progressive tax system, and many provinces offer a range of tax deductions that are not tied to where a person lives.

Some of those deductions can help offset the cost of a particular residence, while others can provide an extra tax break for those living in

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