How to help victims of national crime

How to help victims of national crime

The National Crime Control Bureau (NCBC) has issued a warning to all those who want to make a donation to the relief fund for victims of the ongoing national crisis in Mozambique.

The warning comes as the NCAB has asked the Mozambican government to provide the necessary financial assistance for victims and the families of those who lost their lives.

The National Crime Information Bureau (NCIB) has urged the Mozavian government to fund the victims of its ongoing national crime crisis in the country, particularly those affected by the drug trade, and the NCPB said this is a good opportunity for those who are struggling with their finances to contribute to a project that will be crucial to the recovery of the country.

The NCABC has issued an urgent call for the Mozabans to help those who have been affected by drug-related violence, particularly the drug lords, who have exploited the national crisis to loot and plunder.

The government needs to make financial arrangements for the families and for the victims, who are suffering because of drug- related violence.

The Mozambicans have been experiencing an acute shortage of cash for the last few months, due to a severe shortage of fuel and fuel vouchers.

This has resulted in people spending money on drugs or other items that are considered illicit, which they are not entitled to under the law.

The Mozambic authorities have been accused of using the crisis to fund their criminal enterprises.

The crisis has also affected Mozambicas ability to provide medical care to its people.

According to the National Health Ministry, the number of Mozambian emergency medical workers (EMWs) has gone down from 6,000 in October 2016 to 3,000 on March 2017, as a result of the shortage of medical personnel and supplies.

The situation has worsened in recent weeks as the Mozaras economy has been hit by the ongoing drought and floods.

In February, the NHC declared that the situation in the state was deteriorating and that the state of emergency was in effect.

The NCABs warning on the funding of the national drug crisis in particular comes as Mozambias national police and military are facing an increasing number of allegations of abuse of power, including the use of torture.

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