How to spot a fake national news

How to spot a fake national news

article article News sites like BuzzFeed and NewsBusters have a list of more than 70 “fake” news articles that they have identified.

But even with the best of intentions, these articles could still be fake.

The problem is, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

In a post that was published on Sunday, The Verge’s James Martin described how fake news can spread like wildfire on social media.

He also mentioned the dangers of “spam bots,” or automated bots that make up fake news stories that then spread to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Here’s how to spot them and how to use them.


The headline is wrong.

This could be the headline of a fake news article, or an article with an extremely misleading headline.

The Verge found that more than 20 percent of the articles on their list of 100 “fake news” articles were fake.

If a headline or headline is unclear, the article could be misleading or outright fake.

This includes headlines like “The new $150 Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming to the US and Canada in December,” or the headline “US airlines now banning the import of iPhones and iPads because of their potential safety risks.”

“Fake news” is defined as articles that misrepresent the facts.

For example, fake news about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus could be fake news because the headline is “iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 models have been delayed and will be delayed again in the US.”

The Verge also found that headlines and titles in fake news articles often contain hyperlinks to other fake news content.

A link from an article that links to an article from a fake NewsBuster article could lead to an “article about fake news” article from another fake news site.


The title is misleading.

The article could have been written by a news source with no actual connection to the topic at hand.

The author could be a fake, or they could be an anonymous user.

Sometimes, a fake article will simply say something like “this article is a parody of a news story.”

The article would be completely different if it were written by someone who actually did have a connection to that topic.

If it’s an article about a subject that is covered by a trusted source, the author could claim to have been “in touch” with that source and the article would have a more reputable tone.


The image is misleading or contains misleading language.

If the image in the headline or title looks familiar, then it’s probably fake news.

If you look at the image on the article, you’ll see that it’s not an actual image of a real person, but an image of an advertisement for a company that the article purports to represent.

The site will also have an image on their homepage that looks like a photo of a company logo.


The content is misleading and/or deceptive.

If an article includes a lot of words or grammar that you can’t even make out, then that’s probably an article of fake news, or it could be from a site that doesn’t use Google Translate.

If that article has a misleading headline or a long paragraph with lots of “information” buried deep in it, then you can be sure that it was written by an editor who wanted to trick you into clicking on their link or clicking on a headline.


The information in the article is misleading because it contains a lot that’s not accurate or relevant.

In other words, a news article that contains lots of words that are either misleading or misleading could be in the hands of a person who’s just trying to mislead you.

Sometimes articles can contain a lot more than just the information they’re presenting.

For instance, in an article titled “A New York City police officer was arrested for allegedly killing a homeless man during a drug deal gone bad,” a reporter named Mike Rochon wrote that the officer had “been charged with felony murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and robbery in the death of an unarmed man in Queens.”

However, the report says that the unnamed officer is “not even related to the case,” so Rochen is not related to this case at all.

Similarly, in a post titled “The NYPD has just released their most recent police statistics.

It shows that in 2016, the city recorded 4.5,500 homicides, and that a staggering 7,846 arrests were made.”

The NYPD reported that 7,547 arrests were “in the line of duty” and that there were 4,921 homicides that year.

But according to The Verge, the actual number of arrests made was much lower: “The true figure is probably closer to 1,200, which is roughly the number of people arrested by police officers nationwide in the first four months of 2016.”


The language is deceptive.

You can often tell when someone is writing a fake story by the way the language in the headlines and the images.

A headline in a fake report will often use words that seem to

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