Mozambican journalist dies in police custody

Mozambican journalist dies in police custody

An investigative journalist has died in police detention after being arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, the country’s state prosecutor said on Tuesday.

Dwayne Fonseca, 33, was taken to a hospital in the capital, Libreville, for a check-up on his condition.

The prosecutor’s office said FonSeca died after being taken into custody on Monday evening.

FonSECa, an assistant professor of journalism at the University of the Amazon in the state of Pampas, was arrested on Monday in the town of Marikina, 200 km (125 miles) north of Libreville.

In a statement, the prosecutor’s court said that the police had detained FonSCa for two hours on Monday.

He was later released, it said.

FonSECA is one of several journalists facing trial in Brazil for allegedly inciting racial hostility and spreading false news on social media.

Brazil’s most prominent journalist, Julio Santos, was also arrested in March for allegedly publishing false information about the death of a police officer.

A third journalist, journalist Jorge Carlos Rodrigues da Silva, was freed from detention after he turned himself in to police.

The case has drawn criticism from human rights groups, as well as rights groups and politicians who have urged the government to investigate the case, saying it was being used to justify anti-democratic measures.

President Michel Temer, who took office last month, has sought to distance himself from the trial, saying he had never personally seen Fon SECa.

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