What is the news?

What is the news?

The news is out.

The news has been announced.

The headlines have been published.

What is not news?

What is news?

This is news.

This is not the news.

No one is talking about it.

What you are witnessing, if you are an Indian, is a national celebration of patriotism and national pride, according to a commentary on the Times of India website.

This was also announced in the Hindustan Times, a national newspaper, on Sunday.

The Times of Indian, which is owned by India’s largest daily newspaper, is owned jointly by the two largest newspapers, the Hindusat-e-Janta and The Hindu.

The two papers have a combined circulation of over 11 million people.

The Times of Hindi, the official Hindi language of India, is the most widely read of the two papers.

The English-language Times of Hindustani has a circulation of about 4.7 million.

The Indian language version of the Times has a combined reader base of about 7 million.

The announcement was welcomed by media observers.

“India has never had an uninterrupted national celebration.

This one is an important milestone,” said Anupam Gupta, editor of the online news site, Daily Maverick.

The announcement is also welcome because it gives hope to the nation, Gupta added.

“We hope that this will not only make the national spirit stronger but also help the country in its efforts to grow.”

India has a rich tradition of national pride and has long celebrated national events like Diwali.

But the country’s national celebrations are often overshadowed by a larger political agenda, which can often overshadow the national interest.

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