Which cities are the most expensive to rent?

Which cities are the most expensive to rent?

In the world of housing, few have made the list.

For instance, New York City rents average $1,300 per month while San Francisco rents average about $1 and Los Angeles rents $1.50 per month.

But if you’re looking for an apartment in one of the cities listed below, rent is on the rise in many major markets, and not all of them are cheap.

In fact, the average rent for a single-family home in Seattle is now $1.,726 per month, according to data from Zillow.

The same is true for rents in San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.

The cities listed are expensive enough to rent.

In New York, a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan costs $2,099 per month; the average in Los Angeles, $2.15.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, a two-bedroom in the Central District costs $3,600 per month and a three-bedroom is $4,800.

That means that a one bedroom in New York costs $4.00 per month in Los, $4 per month to rent in Seattle.

In Los Angeles the rent in the neighborhood is $1 per month compared to $1 in San Franciscos.

In Washington, rents in the area are $1 a month for a one or two bedroom, $1 for a three bedroom and $1 to rent a four bedroom apartment.

The average rent in Washington is $2 per month on average.

The trend for Los Angeles and San Francisco is to have one-bedrooms go up more slowly than in New England and the Midwest, while rents in Seattle are increasing more slowly.

In both cities, the increase in rent has been driven by the rise of two- and three-bedroom units.

New York and San Francisco both have a one and two bedroom units going up at the same time.

In the Northwest, two-bed and three bedroom units are also increasing more quickly in Seattle and New York.

For a one room in New Orleans it’s now $2 and a two room it’s $2 a month, while in Seattle it’s going up by $1 each month.

The rental trend is even more pronounced in the Midwest where rents in St. Louis, Minneapolis, and St. Paul are up a combined $3.50, $5.25, and $7.50 for a two bedroom and three, respectively, according the Real Estate Board of Greater Kansas City.

While the rents in those markets have increased by an average of 0.5% over the last year, the median rent for the area is $827 a month.

New Orleans has the most rental-friendly cities in the United States with a rent of $1 an hour for a studio apartment, a rent that is up by almost 3% over last year.

That’s more than double the national average of $3 an hour.

In Seattle, rents have grown by an impressive 16.5%, a trend that is still far below the national rate of 24%.

In Los Angles, rents are increasing by an even more dramatic rate of 14.3%.

Los Angeles has the second-highest rate of inflation in the nation at $2 an hour, with a median rent of nearly $2 million.

For the rest of the United Kingdom, rents across the board are increasing faster than the national rates, according ToRentalGuide.

London, the capital of England, rents by about 6% a year, while the national median rent is $5,000.

In Boston, rents average a little over $1k per month for two bedrooms and $2k for a four-bedroom.

Los Angeles also has the highest average rent of any city in the country.

That number is $3k for one bedroom, and the national rent is about $3 per month or $3 million per year.

In Chicago, rents range from $1-$3k per year for a bedroom and about $2-$3.5k for four-bed apartments.

In Philadelphia, rents for a new two- or three- bedroom apartment average around $3 to $4k a year and the average national rent in Philadelphia is $6 per month with a national average rate of $6,000 per year, according RentHop.

And while rents for apartments in major metropolitan areas have been increasing in the past few years, those rents are nowhere near the national averages.

For example, in the Washington, DC, area rents are about $900 per month versus $1 million per month nationwide.

In Minneapolis, the national cost of living is $13,400 per year and rents are $2 to $3 thousand per month nationally, according Realestate.com.

And the national increase in the national minimum wage has not been enough to keep up with the cost of renting in the U.S. That could be changing soon.

On March 2, the Federal Reserve will begin raising the federal

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