BINGO NEWS: Malaysia national news

BINGO NEWS: Malaysia national news

The Malaysian Government announced the launch of a nationwide food security campaign on Thursday, with farmers receiving free seeds, fruits and vegetables. 

 “This is our opportunity to ensure the people’s safety,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said.

Malaysia is the world’s third-largest food exporter after China and the United States, but many food safety concerns remain. “

It is a national initiative to increase food security, as we are the nation that feeds the world.”

Malaysia is the world’s third-largest food exporter after China and the United States, but many food safety concerns remain.

Malay-language news portal BINGOSA posted the details of the initiative on its Twitter account, where it said it was targeting farmers and growers.

 The farmers will receive free seeds and fruits from April 15 to May 5.

A total of 10 million households will receive seeds and fruit, and a further 1.8 million households receive fruits and vegetable.

The farmers are also expected to receive money for their crop insurance and a monthly wage of RM1,400.

“Our aim is to increase the availability of nutritious foods to all Malaysia’s farmers and farmers’ families, with a view to providing the Malaysian people with a better standard of life,” Najib said. 

Malaysian farmers are now given free seeds from April 7 to April 14.

Some farmers are receiving the seeds through the Farmers Cooperative Society (MCS), but many of them are not.

Petersen says the seeds should be delivered to farmers by the end of the month.

He said he will continue to receive free fruit and vegetables from the MCS.

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that in total, more than 200,000 people are infected with salmonella bacteria in the country, including at least 1,200 deaths.

According to the latest information from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of Malaysia, at least 2,067 deaths were reported on March 1.

More than 60,000 of those deaths were in the cities of Putrajaya and Kelantan.

FDA Director General Joo Lee Wan said that the country’s food safety infrastructure was in good condition and that there were no signs of a spike in cases.

She said that Malaysia is a food-exporting nation with an export capacity of nearly 200 million metric tonnes per year.

Despite the fact that food safety is an issue, Malaysia has received more than $12 billion in food aid, according to the World Bank.

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