How the #TrumpTrain is being hijacked by a small group of far-right activists who are trying to destroy a mainstream media platform

How the #TrumpTrain is being hijacked by a small group of far-right activists who are trying to destroy a mainstream media platform

source Buzzblog title Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is being hacked by a group of radical right-wing activists who have been using Twitter and Facebook to coordinate the attacks on the press, a report by Politico has found.

The news outlet said it had obtained a copy of a message sent by a user on Twitter, which has been deleted.

It is not clear if it was the same user.

The messages are shared widely, and have been attributed to a group calling itself The Trump Train.

“If you look at the tweets and the messages, they are pretty much identical,” Politico said.

“It’s really scary.”

The messages, which are shared by more than 5,000 people, all say the same thing: “We are going to expose the dishonest media and tell the truth.”

They also say: “If the media will not stop reporting on Trump, then they must be punished and we will be.”

The message sent to the account was also shared on Twitter and by Facebook.

It reads: “The Media, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and the BBC, are doing their job and covering the President’s record-breaking victory.

The Media, in the interest of the Republic and the country, have now decided to take a different path.

The goal is to destroy this nation.

The American people will not accept this.

They will not stand for it.

So let’s get to work.”

The tweets are often accompanied by videos of protesters and their supporters in the streets of Washington, DC, including in front of the Capitol.

The group, which is calling itself the “Stop the Trump Train”, also has a Facebook page with nearly 20,000 likes.

The account has a short video about the plan and links to a website with a series of posts from the group, including one where they have posted a video of a woman wearing a Trump shirt with the caption: “Trump, the President, is NOT racist.

This is the truth!”

The account also posted a photo of an anti-Trump protester who said: “You’ve destroyed this country.

You are the enemy of the people.”

The group also posted about how the media has been “scooping up” information about the president, saying: “It is time for you to stop your attacks on Trump.

We know that you are lying about him.”

The account posted a post saying: “[Trump] will not be able to survive the media’s attempts to smear him.

We will destroy you and expose your crimes against the Republic.”

“We want to make you and your followers think about what they have done and how they have destroyed the country,” it continued.

“The American people have been lied to.

This president is not a racist.

He has shown he will stand up for America, not divide it.”

The same message was sent to a Facebook account called The Resistance, which was later taken down.

The person who posted the message on Facebook said the group was created for the purpose of spreading the news of Trump’s victory, which he called “a historic moment for the republic”.

It also said that Trump would not be a candidate in 2020, and that the group would use “whatever means necessary to help him defeat the Democrats and his corrupt, corrupt media.”

It was unclear what the group’s message was referring to.

“Our goal is not to destroy the media, it is to expose their lies,” the group said in a statement.

The Resistance said it would be monitoring the messages on social media and would be working with law enforcement.

A Facebook group called The TrumpTrain, also created in December, also shared the same message as the Resistance.

“In the wake of the massive success of Donald Trump, a small cadre of far right extremists are using social media to create a network of conspiratorial websites and disinformation to spread false information about Trump,” it said.

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