How to create a custom dashboard for your bank and business

How to create a custom dashboard for your bank and business

A custom dashboard, or dashboard, is a graphical user interface for your financial institution that shows you how much revenue and expenses are coming in, and what expenses are being made, from your account.

It’s a great way to track your finances, and can help your financial advisor understand your goals and plan your finances.

This guide explains how to create your own dashboard and how to use it to track and compare your accounts.


Create a dashboard that shows how much you earn 2.

Create an account 3.

Add some revenue 4.

Add expenses 5.

Add interest The dashboard will display the revenue and expense amounts in your account, along with the corresponding amounts for each account type.

This will give you an idea of how your account is doing and help you compare your account to your advisors.

You’ll also see your net income, the amount you earn each month, and the interest rate you earn.

A dashboard like this will show you how you’re earning your money, and will help you determine which accounts to cut.


Use your dashboard to see how much your account costs you You can create a dashboard for each of your accounts, using the same basic structure and features.

Here’s how to do that.

1 Create a new account, and set the dashboard to show your net earnings, interest rate, and income per month.

2 Select a currency and add the required information for that currency.

3 Choose the “Show Income” option and enter the amount of income that you earned from each account.

This should include the amount earned from your primary accounts, your primary savings accounts, and any other accounts that you have that you earn interest on. 4 Select “View Account” and add your primary bank account and the bank that holds it.

This gives you a way to view how much money your account has.

5 Add the amount from each of the other accounts to your account and enter them together.

6 Fill in the balance on your primary account to the amount that was added to your primary.

7 Fill in your interest rate for your account for each month and enter that amount.

8 Select the “Change Account” option.

9 Change the amount on your account based on the interest you’re getting from your new account.

10 Change the interest on your accounts to the same amount.

Add your expenses to the dashboard and click “View Accounts.”

11 Make a note of how much income you’ve earned from the accounts.

This is important to remember if you’re changing your account type or adding new accounts.

12 Enter the amount in the “Current” column and click on “Save.”

13 Click on “Done” to close the dashboard.

If you need more details, go to the Dashboard Manager to get help.

If your account isn’t showing the information that you need, you can change your account settings.

See also: 7 steps to using a dashboard to help you track your accounts and improve your financial planning

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