How to navigate the NFL’s national construction season with our top 10 stories

How to navigate the NFL’s national construction season with our top 10 stories

NEW YORK — National construction is in full swing and the National Football League has plenty of big construction projects on its plate, including the first ever NFL stadium.

While the league is in the midst of its annual season of construction, we have a look at the 10 construction projects that are most expected to create jobs and generate millions of dollars in revenue for the league.

Here are the 10 most anticipated projects to come on the NFL landscape this year.

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New York City’s First NFL Stadium will open in 2021The Giants will host the New Orleans Saints on Sept. 12 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. The Giants are expected to pay around $3 billion to build a $1.1 billion stadium.

It will house two NFL stadiums, the stadium at Astrodome in New Orleans and a $2.6 billion stadium at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey.

The New York Jets will play their home games at Metropolitano Stadium in Queens, which will be converted into a hotel and parking lot for the Giants.

The project will also feature an expansion of the Metropolises Sports and Entertainment Complex, a stadium, a basketball and baseball complex, a public art pavilion, a water park, a food court and a shopping plaza.

The team has said it is considering a possible stadium in South Carolina.

The team has also said it wants to build two new parking garages in the New Jersey suburbs, which are part of the plan for the stadium.

The parking garage is expected to cost around $2 billion and is slated to open by 2022.

The plan is to expand the Metropolis Sports and Convention Complex to accommodate the expansion of a baseball and basketball complex.2.

The National Football Coaches Association will get $3.8 million to promote football to new audiencesThe NFL has spent more than $2 million to create the NFL Coaches Associations Program, which has been the league’s primary source of fundraising.

The program will help the league promote the game through social media and on the field.

The NFL is also looking to use the program to boost the league in ways other than by donating to charity.

The $3 million will help promote the NFL as a community provider, the league said in a statement.3.

The NBA will invest $20 million in a new facilityThe NBA plans to spend $20.3 million to open its new home for basketball in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The arena is scheduled to open next season.

The Hornets are one of several teams that have expressed interest in the arena, which is expected be named the Charlotte Meyers Center.

The Charlotte Meys Center has already hosted basketball games, but is scheduled for an expansion.4.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will open a new stadium in 2019The Dodgers will move from Los Angeles to Anaheim, California, to open a stadium in 2020.

The Dodgers are expected get a $6 million boost to their existing stadium, the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.5.

The Atlanta Falcons will relocate to AtlantaThe Atlanta Falcons are scheduled to move to Atlanta for the 2020 season, but the team announced on Monday that the team will be relocating to Georgia.

The relocation is expected take place in 2021.6.

The Arizona Cardinals will move to Scottsdale, Ariz., in 2021 The Cardinals are scheduled for a new home in Scotts Valley, Arizona, after moving to Arizona from Louisville, Kentucky, in 2014.

The Cardinals will play in Arizona Stadium, which was designed by architects and engineers who worked on the team’s new stadium.7.

The Philadelphia Eagles will relocate the team to PhiladelphiaThe Eagles are scheduled on the move to Philadelphia in 2021, which makes it the first professional sports team to move from its home state to another state.

The move to the city is expected bring about the creation of hundreds of jobs and a significant economic boost for the city.8.

The Oakland Raiders will relocate from Oakland to Las VegasThe Raiders will play at the Raiders’ new stadium at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in 2020, which opens to the public.

The new stadium will be constructed in partnership with the NFL and the city of Las Cruces, Nevada.

The Raiders have not announced a new team name.9.

The Cleveland Browns will relocate in 2020The Cleveland Browns are scheduled next season to play their first game at a new venue in downtown Cleveland.

The stadium will open to the general public in 2020 and will house a $100 million facility for the NFL.10.

The Washington Redskins will relocate on Sept., 1 in 2018The Redskins will play games in the new facility in downtown Washington, D.C., which will house the team, the NFL office, the Washington Nationals, the FedEx Field baseball stadium and other teams.

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