National marijuana news and analysis

National marijuana news and analysis

On this day in Jamaica, President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech has caused a huge stir in the nation.

The President is a staunch opponent of the illegal drugs trade and a major supporter of legalization.

The Jamaican president has not commented on the new laws but has repeatedly said that his country is ready to fight drugs.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be following the president’s visit to Jamaica and its effects.

The first week in office has been marked by many new laws.

The government has announced that the maximum prison sentence for first-time offenders is five years.

The National Marijuana Enforcement Agency (NMDA) is set to have a team of 100 agents to deal with cannabis production, distribution and retail.

It is also said to be in the process of launching a new “public health” campaign.

The White House has also said that the new rules will allow for marijuana production facilities to open.

While the country is a world leader in cannabis cultivation, there is still no legal framework for the cultivation and sale of the drug.

In Jamaica, recreational marijuana is legal but the country’s strict prohibition on all forms of the plant means that people can still be arrested and sent to prison for growing it.

There are also no plans to change the law to allow marijuana to be grown in homes, though the government has said that “the new legislation is aimed at creating a more secure environment for medical use”.

The Jamaicans also recently passed a new anti-drug law that allows the use of up to five joints a day and a maximum of three for adult smokers.

This means that adults will be able to buy up to seven joints and grow a maximum 12 plants in their homes.

But the law also allows for the possession of up a maximum five joints at a time.

This is in line with the law in other Caribbean nations, which allow up to 50 joints.

It also comes after President Trump has been accused of encouraging a crackdown on legal marijuana in Jamaica.

Earlier this month, the country was rocked by a huge wave of violence following the death of a teenager.

The young man was gunned down by police in a street outside a Jamaican nightclub, while a crowd was demonstrating against drug policy.

A second young man, who was shot and killed by police, also died.

The country’s police chief has said the teenager’s death was the result of a struggle with the police.

The teenager’s family said the police should have known better.

A week later, more than 200 people were arrested and charged with “providing a false address” and “resisting arrest”.

The police have also been accused by Jamaican civil society groups of engaging in a widespread crackdown on activists and protesters.

Jamaica’s first official drug court was set up in June this year and is set up to give the countrys drug laws a new lease of life.

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