Obama, McCain: U.S. will work with Israel to defeat ISIS

Obama, McCain: U.S. will work with Israel to defeat ISIS

President Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain have both called for a united front to defeat the Islamic State group, which the U.N. Security Council has designated a terrorist organization.

Speaking in the Rose Garden of the White House on Tuesday, the two Republican leaders called on the U and Israel to work together against the Islamic extremist group, also known as ISIL, which has seized territory across the Middle East and Africa.

The president and the senator said they are working with allies to build up a global coalition against ISIL, including a possible military partnership between the U-S.

and Israel.

“As the world faces the gravest threat of this threat, and we must find the best way to defeat it, the U (and) Israel must be a part of this effort,” Obama said.

McCain added that the U S and Israel must cooperate with other nations in the region and fight against ISIL.

“There are nations, some of them small, some in the Arab world, some that are larger and some that we don’t yet have the capacity to take on, McCain said.”

And we should be able to join with our allies in the coalition, not only to defeat ISIL but to also to do what we can to support the Palestinian people in their efforts to achieve their national liberation.

“The president also said the U would “work with Israel in all spheres to combat ISIL and to bring the world closer together.

“Obama has been a staunch ally of Israel during his presidency, visiting Israel’s military headquarters in Jerusalem and attending a G8 summit in Turkey in May.

Israel and the U have long been partners in the fight against the group, with the Israeli government issuing a series of warnings about the threat from the terrorist group, while the U has been working closely with Israeli officials to fight the group.

The United States is not formally part of the coalition but has been coordinating with other countries in the Middle Eastern region and in the West Asia region to counter the threat.

On Tuesday, McCain called for greater U.s. engagement with Israel, calling it an ally that “cannot be ignored.”

The Israeli leader’s comments came a day after he met with Netanyahu, a close ally of his, and said he is committed to working with the United States to “counter ISIL.”

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