‘We’re going to get him back’: Families of slain soldiers say they ‘are going to put their hopes in him’

‘We’re going to get him back’: Families of slain soldiers say they ‘are going to put their hopes in him’

KANPUR, India — Nearly two years after a soldier from the Gurkhas was shot dead by a sniper in a village in Uttar Pradesh, the family of the slain soldier say they are “going to put our hopes in his spirit.”

In an exclusive interview with India Today, the parents of Raghunath Singh said the family is “gonna put all our energy into his soul.”

They said they “were ready to give everything to bring him back to life.”

But the family was prevented from doing so because of a security lapse, their mother said.

“The security personnel came and they shot him,” she said.

Raghunathan Singh was shot by a soldier at his home in Bhojpur village on March 2, 2014.

The bullet pierced his abdomen, killing him.

He was the second Gurkha to be killed by a security guard.

“Our family was in shock.

We were all shocked and we were scared.

We thought the same thing would happen to us too,” said Raghu, who gave his full name as R. Singh.

A few days after the killing, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided the house of Singh’s mother, and recovered a weapon.

The agency also arrested a suspected gun dealer who was arrested in connection with the case.

Singh’s family says they have been trying to obtain a copy of the security camera footage for more than three years.

They say the footage shows two men in the same house watching the same video.

“We wanted the CCTV footage.

We have been waiting for more time to get it,” Raghulam Singh said.

The family’s father, Jagtar Singh, said the NIA’s claim to have “found” the gun dealer is “a joke”.

“We have been searching for the gun since we found the CCTV video.

We did not find the gun.

The NIA has not given us the evidence.

They have no proof.

They claim to find it, but there is nothing there.

They can’t give us the proof,” Jagtar said.”

Our hope is that he will come back.

We are going to have faith in his heart,” Jagur said.

The family also said they were hopeful that the soldier would be given a clean chit for the incident.

“They [the NIA] say that they found him guilty.

We will be seeking the truth from them.

But they [the police] have failed us,” Jagir said.

Last month, the NAA raided the family’s home.

In a raid that lasted over four hours, they recovered a bullet proof vest, a knife and a pistol.

The body of R.K. Singh was found three days later.

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