When it comes to ‘I’m the boss’: How former president Obama is using his Twitter account to boost his reelection bid

When it comes to ‘I’m the boss’: How former president Obama is using his Twitter account to boost his reelection bid

A few months ago, when the president was running for reelection in 2016, he was the president who got the most tweets from his Twitter feed.

But now that he’s the president, he’s been using the account more often.

According to the Twitter analytics company Axios, he tweets more than a million times per day.

And that’s in the hours before and after he’s taking office.

The president’s tweets on Twitter have been the top-performing of his presidency.

The numbers show that he tweeted more tweets per day on Thursday than he did during his first week in office.

So, it seems that when the leader of the free world tweets, he can often get a lot of attention.

In fact, in the week of January 21, 2017, he tweeted 1.35 million times, according to Axios.

His tweet on Thursday, January 20, was followed by more than 1.6 million.

Trump’s tweets from January 20 through January 21: Trump tweets during the first week of his administration, January 21.

Source: Axios data, Washington Post data.

He also tweeted at least one tweet during the day on January 21 and a number of tweets during periods when the temperature in Washington, D.C. was at its highest.

His tweets on the day of the inauguration included tweets about the inauguration, President Trump, and the national debt.

During his first day in office, Trump tweeted more than 3.1 million times.

During the week after, Trump tweets at least 1.7 million times on average.

That number has increased every day during the second half of the presidency, as he’s tweeted more frequently.

His daily tweets have averaged 1.8 million.

That includes his first tweet on January 19, 2017.

His next tweet on February 1 was followed with about 1.5 million.

His last tweet was followed in early March with about 6.5.3 million.

On the morning of March 3, Trump posted about 2.4 million tweets.

His tweet the day before the Super Bowl was followed on March 4 by an estimated 1.4.2 million.

It was followed three days later by a tweet that was shared over 3 million times by the president.

That tweet is now the second most shared Trump tweet of all time.

The next tweet Trump posted on the afternoon of March 4 was retweeted more than 4 million times and was followed several days later.

This is the president’s second most retweeted tweet of the day.

On March 5, Trump retweeted a tweet from his wife, Melania, with a message from his daughter Ivanka.

Trump retweeted the tweet from Melania with a statement that said, “President Trump has been working hard for us.

He has been doing so for nearly three years.

I love you.

We love you and will always love you.”

This is the first tweet the president has retweeted from his first wife, former first lady Michelle Obama, with her message that, “I know we have some issues.

I want to be clear, the president loves the First Lady.

I have seen her work hard and be a positive role model.

She is the best first lady in the history of our country.”

On March 6, Trump sent out a tweet congratulating the president on his birthday.

The tweet was retweet-ed more that 4.6.3 times.

After Trump’s inauguration, he sent out another tweet congratulatory to the president and said, “[President] Trump has always been a strong leader, and he has always done his best to serve the American people.”

The tweet came from his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

The President’s first tweet about the president following the inauguration was retweet on March 12 with more than 2.3.6 thousand.

Ivanka Trump sent the President a tweet on March 17, thanking him for his birthday and saying, “Happy birthday to you.

#TheresNo excuse.

Thank you.”

A second tweet from the President was retweet by Ivanka Trump on March 18.

Ivanka Trump said, “”Happy birthday President Trump.


“The president retweeted this tweet on April 4.

Ivanka wrote, “So happy that @realDonaldTrump is here to greet you today.

I’m thrilled to see the president in person and I’m proud of him for always working to make the country great again.

“Ivankas first tweet after her son- in-law Jared Kushner became president was retweeting the President on April 5.

Ivanka said, “#HappyBirthday, @realDonaldTrump!

We’re honored to have you here and we are so proud to have your support.

#MAGA #TrumpTrain.

“Trump’s third tweet was a retweet of Ivanka Trump’s message from April 11, which read, “We are proud of you, @IvankaTrump.



“She tweeted again on

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