A woman’s words have saved the life of a man in Florida

A woman’s words have saved the life of a man in Florida

Posted August 28, 2018 12:22:00 A woman who said she was raped by a former boyfriend after they broke up has shared her story of how she helped a man who was in a critical condition to survive.

Amber Gorman was driving along the Florida Turnpike on August 19, when she noticed a man’s truck stopped for several minutes.

He was driving in the opposite direction of the truck.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, what the hell happened?'”

Ms Gorman told ABC News.

“And I see this truck and it’s this guy.

I see the other guy, he’s sitting in his truck and he’s like, ‘Where the hell are you?’

And I’m like, [sighing], ‘What the hell is happening?’

And he says, ‘I just got raped.'”

She said the man had been driving on the wrong side of the road.

“He was trying to drive the wrong way down the highway,” she said.

“So he’s driving really fast and I’m thinking, ‘What am I going to do?'”

The man had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19.

“My blood-sugar was almost normal,” she added.

“But then he gets to the next exit, and I get out of my car, I’m running down the road, and he grabs my arm, and then he starts grabbing my hair.”

The woman told ABC she got out of her car and started screaming for help.

“It was really scary,” she told ABC.

“There was blood everywhere.”

The truck driver stopped the truck and asked if he could call an ambulance.

Ms Gorthos helped him to the hospital.

“When he came to me, he was in shock,” she recalled.

“His eyes were watering, his mouth was open.

I said, ‘You can do it, it’s just a blood alcohol content of like 0.1’.

And he was like, I don’t know what happened, I was crying, I said I was so scared, I couldn’t breathe.

And then I was just crying.”

Ms Gormans ordeal started with a warning from the driver of the other truck.

Ms A said she called the police when she got home.

“They came to my house and I was like [laughing], I’m sitting here crying because I’m so happy,” she recounted.

“What they did for me that night was nothing, nothing.

The guy was really just there to help.

And that was it.

And it was really nothing to me.”

Ms A was released from the hospital two days later.

She said she felt she had nothing to lose.

“Just the other day, I got a text from my friend saying, ‘There’s blood everywhere in my house, you know what I mean?’

I was thinking, I guess I’m just going to leave now,” she remembered.

“Then I had the urge to go out and find this guy.”

“I knew I was lucky that I was able to help this guy because I would have had a much better chance of dying.”

Ms H told ABC the couple had just broken up and had been dating for five years.

She added she was not a victim, but a victim of the wrong man.

“You don’t get to go into a relationship, and it can be hard to get over it, but that’s the other side of it,” she explained.

“That’s the person you’re trying to hurt and I guess he’s the wrong person.

He’s not the one who broke up with you, he just got caught up in the wrong time, he didn’t know the right time to have an affair.”

Ms B said she knew the wrong thing to do.

“If I would’ve called 911, I woulda died,” she laughed.

“Because that’s just not right.

It’s a woman’s life.”

The couple had two children, aged eight and three, and were planning to have a wedding.

“We didn’t have a funeral,” Ms B recalled.

Ms H was shocked by what happened.

“Why would he do something like that?”

Ms A shared what happened to her with ABC News after the news broke.

“She was crying in front of me, I went, ‘It’s just so tragic.’

She was so happy, and she was crying like crazy,” she reflected.

“The whole thing just made me cry.

I don. “

To know that this is the way that this happens, I think it’s terrible.

I don.

I think she’s wrong.”

A spokesperson for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told ABC they were unable to comment on Ms A’s case, but said they had launched an investigation.

“While we do not discuss the details of any pending criminal cases, we do encourage anyone who has information to come forward and share it with us,” the spokesperson said. ABC/wires

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