Alaska State House: ‘A man with a gun on a hill’ – WSJ

Alaska State House: ‘A man with a gun on a hill’ – WSJ

Posted November 06, 2018 07:08:53A man wearing a camouflage-style uniform and carrying a rifle with a long barrel on a dirt hill in Yakama County, Alaska, has been charged with threatening to shoot up the house of a state lawmaker, and is being held in custody, authorities said.

Yakama County Sheriff Mark Atherton said Tuesday that the suspect, named by prosecutors as Michael D. Fenton, 26, had made threats against lawmakers from the town of Renton and others in the state.

He told them he would kill them, but did not have a gun, he said, and he believed he was a member of a militia, authorities told the Associated Press.

“The situation is serious and the investigation is ongoing,” Atherson said.

Fenton was charged Tuesday with three counts of threatening to commit an act of violence, two counts of violating the Alaska Peace Officers Protection Act, and one count of making a false statement, according to court documents.

The Alaska State Police also said Fenton had been identified as a member or former member of the armed group “The Rebel,” a group with ties to al Qaeda.

The suspect was identified by the AP as a U.S. citizen who had been living in the town since May.

He had no known criminal history.

Atherton declined to elaborate on why the police department did not find a weapon during a search of Fenton’s residence, which was located on a residential property.

He said the police did not determine the weapons belonged to Fenton or any other suspects.

The investigation is continuing, Atherston said.

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