How to avoid ‘fake news’ in your social media feed

How to avoid ‘fake news’ in your social media feed

If you’re going to share a story about an NFL player with your friends, you’ll want to be sure that they’re the ones who actually know the guy, not just the person you’re talking about.

But to do that, you have to know who that player is and what they do, so you’re better off leaving the details out.

This isn’t a new problem with the internet, as many people are still afraid to share information they don’t want people to see.

But with the help of this infographic from The Atlantic, we can take a look at what it’s like to share real news with your social networks.

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And, thanks to a recent change to how NFL teams are run, that can no longer be a problem.

The NFL has implemented a new, more transparent policy that lets teams, players and other players interact directly with fans via the social network.

Instead of having to write a contract and pay a fee to the team, they can instead get feedback directly from fans and team owners.

The new policy goes into effect in 2018.

And for teams that don’t have an NFL Network contract, they will have the option to offer fans direct feedback via the NFL’s app, where fans can share their feedback with teams and players directly.

This will give fans a better idea of what the team thinks and what the players are thinking.

But there are some downsides.

While fans can use the app directly, the teams will have to post the content to their Facebook page, Twitter account or any other platform that they choose.

And it’s still not entirely clear exactly how many teams will actually use the platform.

So if you want to share some content with your team, you might want to look elsewhere.

Here’s how to make sure you’re not getting caught in the middle:Don’t share content you don’t know.

The new policy will allow for some types of content that aren’t officially sanctioned by the league, like videos or photos that are posted by teams that are not in the NFL Network.

However, the NFL will not be able to take down content they don tote away for future use.

But this is also not the end of the world.

Teams can also still post content that they do not approve of, such as fake news or negative social media posts.

The rules are also vague about what’s acceptable.

As long as the content doesn’t break any rules, teams are free to post whatever they want, but there’s no guarantee it won’t offend someone or embarrass their team.

And the biggest downside?

You might not be the only one.

Fans who have the app will be able see what other teams are doing with their feedback, but they won’t be able share it with other fans.

This is especially important if you’re a fan of the team you want your team to cheer for.

As far as what can be shared, you can post up to 20 videos and 10 photos, but if you choose to post content you know is fake, it won-t be allowed to be shared on the app.

You can also only post videos that have been approved by the team and approved by Facebook.

In short, the new policy is a way for teams to keep fans informed of what’s happening on their teams, but it does not allow fans to share content that could cause offense.

But that doesn’t mean you should just ignore it.

As you will see in this infographic, you should also be very wary of content on the internet that is out of context.

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