How you can help fight the Zika virus in Mexico

How you can help fight the Zika virus in Mexico

Mexican state media reports the government has issued a warning to citizens to stay home from work or school, citing a rise in the Zika outbreak in the country.

“We have no way to control the spread of the virus in the home and we are calling on all our citizens to remain at home until further notice,” the state-run Televisa said on its website.

The ministry of public health and safety has urged people to stay away from public areas.

“This is the time for all Mexicans to be vigilant about their health,” the Televisión de México, or Mexico’s main television network, said on Twitter.

Televisa also said people should avoid the following places: theatres, theatres and restaurants, shopping malls, malls and malls, cinemas, theaters and cinemas.

“In case of any danger to the health of the population, it is advisable to take measures and to leave the area, particularly if it is possible to avoid contact,” it said.

The country’s health authorities are warning of a rise of cases of Zika virus after more than 3,500 confirmed cases were confirmed in the past week.

More than 200 people have died in the outbreak, which has been blamed on an increase in travellers coming from Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

The virus, which is spread by mosquitoes, can cause severe birth defects and brain damage, but experts say its effects on humans are likely to be short-lived.

The World Health Organization has warned that up to 40% of pregnant women could become infected during pregnancy.

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is advising pregnant women to avoid travelling to areas with high levels of Zika transmission.HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell said the agency was working with Mexican authorities to advise them on ways to prevent transmission during pregnancy and after birth.

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