What the Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane’s disappearance means for the search for MH370

What the Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane’s disappearance means for the search for MH370

Malaysia Airlines has said it has sent a team of investigators to the South China Sea to search for missing flight MH370, with Malaysian police saying they are not prepared to risk their lives to locate the aircraft.

The search operation has been stepped up after the plane vanished from radar screens near Malaysia’s southern resort island of Penang last week.

The airline has also sent a ship, a team and a helicopter.

Malaysia’s Transport Ministry said on Saturday that the team would travel from Penang to the Strait of Malacca, which runs through the archipelago.

“The team will conduct search activities to the south of Penampur, where they will proceed in the direction of the Strait, but the team will not engage in any search activities at this time,” the ministry said in a statement.

It said they would return to Penang, but would not give further details.

Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, said on Sunday that the search was “an absolute necessity” for any missing plane to be found.

What we know about the search: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines flight MH380 was carrying 239 people from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur when it vanished from the radar screens of Malaysia’s domestic airline in March 2014.

How we know it’s gone: Malaysian investigators have said they are confident the plane is still alive, although it remains a mystery what happened to it.

The plane disappeared with 239 people on board.

The flight was flying from Beijing’s airport to Kuala Kuala Lumpur from Beijing.

A Boeing 777, which has been used to carry commercial passengers and international crew, has been found in the waters off the Philippines, and an Airbus A330 has been recovered from a Vietnamese fishing boat.

Is the search being scaled back?

Malaysia Airlines is also exploring the possibility of deploying the search aircraft to a third country.

It has deployed an air wing to search in the Indian Ocean, where Malaysia Airlines flights have been diverted in the past.

Malaysia Airlines says it is prepared to fly planes to another country if necessary.

Why is it a priority for Malaysia to find the plane?

Malaysia’s transport minister said on Friday the search area had expanded to encompass more than 6,000 square kilometres of the South and Southeast China Seas.

Who is searching for the plane and what has been discovered?

The search has been scaled back since last week because of a lack of available evidence, and the government has also stepped up efforts to investigate the flight.

Some of the wreckage from the plane has been retrieved by Chinese authorities, including the fuselage of the Boeing 777.

A Chinese search team has also been sent to Malaysia, according to a statement by Malaysia’s national search and rescue agency, Malaysia’s National Search and Rescue Agency.

Investigators have also been looking into a claim that a plane crashed into the sea off the coast of Vietnam, a claim the government strongly disputes.

An official from Malaysia’s civil aviation agency, Malaysian Air Force, said it is too early to make any conclusions on the cause of the crash, but it is being investigated.

Where is the plane now?

Malaysia is searching in the South, from Penampuro to the southern island of Sumatra, where the flight might have landed.

Malaysia says a military radar satellite tracking the plane’s movements for a week showed the aircraft flew near the island of Negri in the north, where a military base is.

It was also spotted near the western Indian Ocean island of Sabah.

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