What we know about the deaths of six people at a remote remote Nova Scotia fishing village that has sparked a coronavirus scare and fears of a pandemic?

What we know about the deaths of six people at a remote remote Nova Scotia fishing village that has sparked a coronavirus scare and fears of a pandemic?

Posted September 29, 2018 12:32:56 An overnight blaze at a fishing village near Halifax has prompted the province to declare a state of emergency in a region that’s home to about one in five Nova Scotians.

Nova Scotia Premier David Alward said the fire was started by a small spark that ignited a campfire in the backyard of the village’s two-story structure.

He said that after the fire, the fire department had to fight to put out the blaze with minimal resources.

A spokesperson for the provincial health agency said the province will work with the Department of National Health to determine if there was a risk to public health.

“This is an isolated incident and there are no reported fatalities.

The fire department has worked with the municipality to address the blaze, and it is currently under investigation,” the spokesperson said in an email.

“There are no residents living in the village.”

Residents have reported no major damage or casualties, and officials say the fire may have started with a camp fire.

Residents at the nearby town of St. Anne have been asked to remain indoors, but are not in danger, officials said.

The blaze also caused some minor damage to the surrounding homes.

The province declared a state-of-emergency for the town on Thursday afternoon.

Nova Scotian Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Dr. Robert-Falcon Ouellette, has been in contact with provincial health officials to help address the fire.

“I’m aware of the fire in the St. Ann’s area, and I want to thank them for their cooperation,” he said in a statement.

“We’re working with the province on how to ensure that the public health and safety are protected and that the communities are safe.”

The fires has sparked panic and panic-inducing panic among Nova Scotias, with some people calling for a coronasium to be opened.

The fires started at a home in St. John’s, where the minister is based, on Thursday evening, Nova Scotia Health Commissioner Mike Stobe said.

“My heart goes out to the family of the young girl who lost her life,” he added.

A fire official told CBC News that the cause of the blaze is under investigation.

Residents have been advised to stay indoors, and the government has asked them to stay away from the area until further notice.

NovaScotians have also been asked not to leave their homes.

“If you see something, get involved,” the provincial Health Department said on Twitter.

Residents were also advised to keep pets indoors and to report any suspicious activity to the health agency.

NovaCare is now providing free dental care and supplies for anyone who needs them.

The minister said the government is working with Health Canada to determine the extent of the health threat and the next steps, but warned that there are some “unusual” health conditions that can cause serious health concerns.

The provincial government is also asking all residents to avoid contact with pets and to monitor pets in the immediate area for signs of illness.

The government said that while the fire could have been caused by a camp, the situation is still under investigation and that it will take time to determine what was involved.

“It’s very early to draw conclusions, but I’m not going to make any conclusions until we have more information,” the minister said.

A total of six adults and two children have died so far in Nova Scotia as a result of the coronaviral outbreak.

The coronaviruses virus has killed more than 3,500 people in the United States, with an estimated 2,300 deaths worldwide.

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