What’s behind the spike in the death toll of Irish soldiers in Iraq?

What’s behind the spike in the death toll of Irish soldiers in Iraq?

The Irish Defence Forces are facing a surge in the number of fatalities in Iraq, with one soldier dying after being ambushed and another being wounded.

In total, 11 soldiers have been killed in Iraq in the last three months.

The first deaths came in February when a soldier was killed when his Humvee was ambushed by a sniper in northern Iraq.

Two months later, in March, a soldier died when he was shot in the chest while on a patrol in the city of Tikrit.

A month later, another soldier was shot dead in the leg while driving with a group of Iraqi troops in the Iraqi desert.

Last month, a senior commander was killed in an ambush while on duty.

The number of deaths in Iraq has also risen sharply in recent months, as the death rate in the country has increased.

The death toll has now reached 6,637 and is still rising, according to a report by the Irish Defence Force’s National Centre for Military and Strategic Studies.

The deaths of the soldiers have come at a time when the Irish military is under increasing pressure from both foreign and domestic audiences.

A number of high profile figures, including the Minister for Defence Michael Fallon, have called for the Irish Government to take more action to stem the rise in the Irish Army.

Last week, a group calling itself the Coalition of the Free Irish Citizens and a number of other pro-reform groups demanded that the Government take “immediate action” to tackle the increasing deaths in the Army.

A number other groups, including Amnesty International, also have called on the Government to “take immediate action”.

But in an interview with The Irish Independent last week, Mr Fallon said that the Irish Armed Forces needed to focus more on the issue of recruitment and retention.

He said that while he supports the call for more action from the Government, he believes that the military must continue to focus on recruitment.

The Minister added that he does not want to see the death of a soldier in Iraq become the norm, adding: “We have to make sure that we’re looking after the people who are already in the force.”

He added: “There are other ways that we can address this.”

“We are looking at a lot of things in terms of recruiting, retention, we’re seeing a lot more women in the army.

I think it’s a very serious issue that needs to be dealt with.”

He also said that Ireland was not alone in its experience of rising death tolls.

“It’s a national issue and we have to address it.”

The Irish Defence Ministry, which has said it has made “significant progress” in reducing the number and rate of casualties, said that it was committed to working with the Irish government and the UN to reduce the death numbers.

The Defence Minister, Michael Fallon is a former Defence Minister and a former Minister of State for Defence.

The Defence Ministry said that there were approximately 10,000 Irish soldiers on active duty in Iraq. 

The Defence Forces website says that over the last five years the number has increased from about 11,000 to 13,000.

The Irish Army said that they were “deeply saddened by the news of the loss of a member of the Irish Guard who tragically lost his life in Iraq last month”.

The Irish Armed Force is a highly integrated organisation which is a cornerstone of the Republic of Ireland. “

As we seek to rebuild our service to the community and to our own country, the Irish defence force is committed to supporting and supporting the efforts of the wider community to improve their community, and to ensure that the loss that has occurred in Iraq is a wake-up call for all those who wish to work and contribute to the Irish community.”

“The Irish Armed Force is a highly integrated organisation which is a cornerstone of the Republic of Ireland.

It is an essential part of our national defence, and one which provides a vital component in the defence of the State, our security and our prosperity.”

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