‘What’s happening?’ – Why ‘Trump’ is on top of the polls

‘What’s happening?’ – Why ‘Trump’ is on top of the polls

Trump is on the rise and the latest national polling numbers have him up by double digits.

Trump’s rise has been largely fueled by a surge in the number of undecided voters.

But as the presidential race has unfolded, the president has also taken advantage of the fact that the polls have closed and is campaigning in battleground states.

This is the fifth straight election in which a candidate has won a majority of the vote, but that hasn’t always translated into votes.

In 1992, George H.W. Bush carried Florida, while Al Gore won Texas, the states most populous.

Since 1992, only two presidential candidates have won both of the states they were vying for.

Four years ago, in 2008, Barack Obama won Florida, but lost Texas, which was then the most populous state in the country.

The latest polling numbers show Trump ahead by a comfortable margin, though some experts are questioning how the trend will continue.

According to Nate Silver, a former pollster at FiveThirtyEight, there is a clear bias against Trump, as he has the highest unfavorable ratings of any president in the history of polling.

Silver, however, believes that Trump’s popularity could actually be a sign that he has more support among Democrats.

While Silver thinks it is a long shot for Trump to win the election, he thinks that the president’s base could turn out in large numbers for him if he can win over Republican voters.

In addition to his strong favorability ratings among Republicans, the latest numbers show that Trump has also gained ground on his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

A majority of voters, 56 percent, say they are more likely to vote for Clinton, compared to 47 percent who say the same about Trump.

On the other hand, Trump has gained ground with independent voters, as only 36 percent say they would vote for him, compared with 43 percent who would vote with him.

The latest polls also show that Clinton has a slight lead over Trump among Democrats, with a 53-41 percent margin.

Clinton has also led in national polls among likely voters, with her leading with 55 percent of the electorate.

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