When it comes to Mexican immigrants, you can call it what you want: ‘Mexican’

When it comes to Mexican immigrants, you can call it what you want: ‘Mexican’

Mexico’s border with the United States is the country’s most difficult place to enter the U.S. But in some parts of the country, it is a popular way to settle disputes.

Mexico’s official newspaper El Universal reported on Thursday that Mexico City’s new municipal election has revealed a new type of migrant: the “mexican” — someone who is either born or adopted there.

In the last election, the Mexican media reported that the new candidate was a young mother from the border town of Oaxaca, who told the newspaper that she has lived in Mexico for four years, but that she didn’t know her country well because of her Spanish heritage.

“I don’t understand what they are doing here, or why they are going in the first place,” she said.

“They are killing my country, and they’re not going to leave my country.

This is the worst thing they are trying to do.”

The new candidate is not the first Mexican to make a splash in the election.

In September, a former presidential candidate, a U.N. ambassador, and a judge won the election for the region’s highest municipal office.

In recent years, the country has seen a spike in illegal immigration from the Mexican side of the border, with many people heading to the U to seek work or get out of jail.

In many ways, Mexico has become a major transit country for undocumented immigrants, as they have been able to get into the U without having to make an asylum claim.

But as Mexico’s economy has boomed, its government has been forced to cope with a growing number of Mexicans trying to get to the United.

Many people who come to the country legally will end up here, but some people who have been in the country illegally for a long time end up in Mexico, and many of them end up with a criminal record.

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