How to get legal weed in Australia and New Zealand

How to get legal weed in Australia and New Zealand

Aussie and New Zealander growers say they are making strides in the industry with the introduction of the first legal recreational cannabis in Australia in a year and a half.

In New Zealand, the government is looking at introducing a legal cannabis industry in a bid to boost its economy and combat the country’s soaring cannabis consumption.

The state-run Cannabis Culture, a non-profit that supports the growing and distribution of legal cannabis, said on Thursday it had secured the green light to import about 150 kilograms of cannabis from the United States.

The company is set to start growing and selling the cannabis this weekend in Sydney and Melbourne.

The new export facilities, which will be able to import the products directly from the US, were part of a larger investment in New Zealand’s nascent cannabis industry, which is estimated to be worth $100 million a year.

Cannabis Culture is now the only one of the four growers in New England that is legally exporting cannabis to the country.

The Australian company, which has a total of about 40 employees, has been growing cannabis in the capital, Sydney, since last year.

The aim is to increase the market for the cannabis, which it says is used for medical and recreational purposes.

“We have the most experienced staff, we have the greatest technology, we’ve been building up a network for five years,” chief executive of the New England Growers Association, Andrew Clements, told Reuters.

“It’s a really exciting time for cannabis growers in the New Zealand market.”

Clements, who grew cannabis for 30 years in Australia, said the growing of legal weed had allowed New Zealanders to move from being “drug-addicted hippies” to becoming a more mature cannabis industry.

“The growth of the market has been a great boost to the local economy,” he said.

“And as the cannabis industry gets bigger, so does our community.”

I think the New South Wales cannabis industry is going to be a significant player for a long time to come.

“Catherine Dung, who runs a cannabis grow house in New York, said growing cannabis had also been beneficial for her and her family.”

You’ve got to be careful, but I’ve got no fear. “

Now we’ve gone up to 15 kilograms.”

You’ve got to be careful, but I’ve got no fear.

It’s like I’m part of the industry now.

“Australian farmers will be the first to export cannabis in a country where there is already a legal market.

New Zealand cannabis cultivation is expected to be legal in 2020.

New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria are the other states that have introduced legal cannabis cultivation, but it is illegal in most states and territories to grow the plant for personal use.

Newspaper reports suggest that New Zealand is in the process of importing some of its cannabis.

A survey by the Marijuana Industry Association of New Zealand (MIANZ) in January showed that about 70 per cent of New South Welsh farmers surveyed were already using cannabis in some form.”

They are very excited about what they are doing,” said Michael Collins, a partner at the New York based marijuana consulting firm, GreenLight Cannabis.”

For those that are already growing, they’re doing it as a matter of course.

“But the more growers we can get out there the better for everyone.”

Collins said that in Australia cannabis could be seen as a “game changer” for the industry.

The government is expected in the coming weeks to decide whether it will allow the import of cannabis into New Zealand.

The country’s Department of Health said it was “currently assessing the issue” and could be ready to consider the importation of cannabis.

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