Why you should start saving now

Mozzamba National News is the latest national newspaper to announce a series of national savings plans, including the “Redskin Nation” national savings program, which will offer 1.3 billion rand (US$16.4 million) in savings.The newspaper, which is owned by the state-owned Mozzambique National News Company, announced the new savings plan on Wednesday, adding that the initiative would be launched on July […]

How to get the most out of your vacation in Mozambique

You might not realize it, but Mozambican tourism is exploding.That’s right, in just the past decade, Mozambicans have enjoyed an unprecedented growth of over 40% in the tourism sector.This has meant that we’ve seen a spike in demand for hotels, which are not just a place to stay but also a place where you can go for business.But what exactly […]

Which countries have the highest rates of HIV/AIDS?

The World Health Organization says South Africa has the highest rate of HIV in the world.The country is also the second-fastest growing country in Africa.South Africa’s total population increased by just 2.3 percent last year.It has one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the region.While South Africa’s HIV prevalence rate is the highest in the continent, it is not […]

How to help victims of national crime

The National Crime Control Bureau (NCBC) has issued a warning to all those who want to make a donation to the relief fund for victims of the ongoing national crisis in Mozambique.The warning comes as the NCAB has asked the Mozambican government to provide the necessary financial assistance for victims and the families of those who lost their lives.The National […]

Mozambican journalist dies in police custody

An investigative journalist has died in police detention after being arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, the country’s state prosecutor said on Tuesday.Dwayne Fonseca, 33, was taken to a hospital in the capital, Libreville, for a check-up on his condition.The prosecutor’s office said FonSeca died after being taken into custody on Monday evening.FonSECa, an assistant professor of journalism at […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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